7 Day Programmable Timer - PN 550015

The optional 7 day timer can be used to open the gate at a preset time and if the auto close feature of the gate opener is being used the gate can then close automatically at a preset time. The timer is supplied with a 3 wire harness that easily wires to the control board.

LCR Wireless Keypad - PN 050520

This tamper-resistant, weatherproof, programmable multiple-code Wireless Keypad can be mounted outside your gate and offer convenient access without having to carry a transmitter.

Push To Operate Wireless Button - PN 030215

The Push to Operate wireless button is designed for outdoor wireless installation. Install to allow operation of the gate or garage by simply pressing the pad. The button is a pressure sensitive pad.

LCR Transmitter - PN 030210 (2 Button) - PN 030212 (4 Button)

Operating frequency 433 MHz.
Receiver can store up to 42 unique transmitter dipswitch code settings.

12/24 AC/DC Dual Channel Receiver - PN 030207

Ideal for all types of gate oprerators
Operating Frequency 433.92 Mhz
Relay NO and common output wires

LCR Dual Output Solar Friendly Receiver - PN 030205

Standard Receiver for all USAutomatic operators

LCR Garage Door Receiver Kit - PN 030214

The receiver provided with the Patriot/Ranger gate operator operates at 433 MHZ and might or might not be compatible with your garage door. If receiver frequency is not compatible the optional “Garage Door Receiver kit” can be easily installed in the garage.

6 Watt Solar Panel Kit - PN 520021

Create a solar charged Gate Opening System

Ideal for all types of gate operators

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